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Lunch Bunch

Opportunity for connecting


What is Lunch Bunch?


Lunch Bunch is a fun way to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, engage in exciting conversations, play fun games, learn something new, share stories and have lunch somewhere other than the cafeteria.
The first group will be geared towards fostering friendships and developing positive peer relations among students. Lunch bunch is a great extension upon classroom guidance. Other possible topics may include: Communication, Respect, Following Rules, Study Skills, Manners, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance, Decision Making, Transitions, Safety Education, Bullying Prevention, and more! Lunch bunch provides students with an opportunity to meet with fellow classmates on a more personal level.
Where is Lunch Bunch?
Lunch Bunch is held in the counselor’s office. Students go to the cafeteria to get their food, like they normally would do, then take their tray back to the counseling office. Mrs. Wallen will meet students at the cafeteria to remind them.
When is Lunch Bunch?
The first Lunch Bunch group is expected to begin in November and will be offered at randomly selected dates up until May. In order to include as many students as possible, there may be several groups per grade level so patience will be important as these groups begin to develop. If your child is selected, they will receive a personal invitation the day before their group meets.  They will also we given a reminder and a lunch bunch pass on the day of their scheduled meeting.

Why do we have Lunch Bunch?
The group provides students with a “safe” environment where they can talk freely about their accomplishments, concerns and/or ideas. Please keep in mind that this is not a counseling session and this is a fun opportunity to allow students to interact with their peers outside of the typical lunch room setting. Lunch Bunch allows kids to be kids and gives them a chance to discover and explore their own talents through social interaction. Our goal is to develop strong interpersonal skills between students while bolstering self-confidence and an awareness of the world around them! 
Please click the printable permission slip, linked above; fill it out, and return to Mrs. Wallen at the elementary school.